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  • HO - 1/1, Surendra Nagar Tiraha, Guru Dwara Road, Aligarh

About Us

Jai Durgey Engineering Company was registered under NSIC, MSME, and ISO 9001: 2002 certified company in India. It was established in the year 1997 and having its principal place of business at 1/1, Surendra Nagar Tiraha, Gurudwara Road, Aligarh-202001 (Uttar Pradesh)

We believe in a good quality of work, build trust between a company and consumers. Every aspect of the project is taken care of by the experts in that field. Our teams have many years of experience, and each one of them is talented, ambitious, and brimming with enthusiasm. People trust us not only because of our high-quality services but also for our working procedure. Every paperwork and legal documentation is done before starting any project.

Our Services

We are deal in various ranges of products like – electrical products, electronic products, Hardware Networking and Telecommunication product, civil construction and different types of tower & mast and Pole, etc.

  • Design, Erection, and testing various ranges of Self Supported Lattice Steel Tower and Guyed Mast:

  • Design, Erection, and testing various ranges of Power Transmission Line Steel Tower and Pol

  • Painting works. (tower, mast, building, etc.)

  • Feeder line & Earth Radial solution:

  • Earthing Solution (RF, Plate, Grid)

  • Air conditioner:

  • PC Hardware & Networking Solution